Look & Feel

2016-02-14-19-11-03“Look & Feel” is a simple phrase I use fairly frequently. I’m usually talking about a website design, an ad campaign, or brand identity. Over the past two weeks, “Look & Feel” has taken on a new meaning. But, it’s not an original new meaning. It’s an old phrase my Mom has used over the years. When you live with a lot of different ailments or struggles, it’s natural to go one of two directions…revel in the bright side, or wallow in the dark. As she was going through all sorts of medical battles, I noticed she would always get up in the morning, do her best to get herself ready…do her hair, put on a little make up, wear a nice outfit, all to either go to a doctor’s appointment or simply to pitter patter around the house until we got home for work.  Conversely, if I had a slow day, I’d wear lazy clothes and lounge around. One day I asked her why she went through the extra effort? Her answer was “Because, for me, I only feel as good as I look.” she said. “If I look lazy I feel lazy. If I feel bad and look bad, I’m sure to have a bad day.”  Even at the time, I thought it was an interesting answer.  Unexpected, to be sure. Fast forward five or so years…I’m mending a very injured shoulder. Going to many doctor’s appointments, struggling to get myself ready, and darn it if she wasn’t right!  At the moment, “Look & Feel” still applies to my work, but it now applies to my well-being. Getting ready “single-handedly” is no joke. It takes forever, I have to go slow, be careful, and practice patience. And, I find that I do feel better when I look presentable.  Thanks, Mom.


A not so distant past life.

vmd_logo_4c_qbI’ve always been fascinated with the origin of things. Take me back to the beginning…there’s always a story waiting.

This post is for the visitors who might be coming to my site in search of a marketing consultant. If this is your first visit to vmdconnect, everything about this post will make more sense when you read the next paragraph.

For those who landed here from a search engine, you probably searched a phrase like “marketing consultants in colorado springs” or maybe “colorado springs marketing directors.”  There’s also a chance you found my professional profile on LinkedIn or you have one of my VMD business cards. After nearly a decade of building and managing a successful boutique marketing firm that specialized in strategic marketing and creative collaboration designed specifically for homebuilders, land developers, and the real estate industry, I was asked to join one of my longtime homebuilder clients in-house as Director of Corporate Marketing. Honored for the opportunity, I accepted. Needless to say, the career shift facilitated the need to wind down my consulting business, formerly known as VMD (Virtual Marketing Director).  As I write this post, I am in the final lap of helping my former clients transition into working with either in-house teams or new marketing agencies. It’s been a bittersweet several months, but the future looks bright for all involved. The clients are in good hands and we stay in close contact, I was able to offer my marketing coordinator a position so we still work together, and I’m learning more than I ever imagined about the building and land development industries.

So if you’ve taken time to read this post and you’re here looking for a marketing consultant or marketing director, or maybe just need project-based help with a marketing campaign, I’m happy to offer recommendations.

Send me a quick message and I’ll pass along a referral or two.